Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Took The Pledge To Just Say No To Illegal eBook Downloads

Hey everyone,

As many of you probably know, illegal downloading of eBooks is a huge problem right now. Hundreds of thousands of copies of books are being stolen from authors and publishers. It's depressing to hear about, because it is a big factor in the publishing industry's current slump. It can also keep authors from getting series extension contracts, which means no more of our favorite books and characters. But we can help stop illegal eBook downloading by taking the pledge to never illegally download, or accept illegally downloaded eBooks, and by spreading the word that it is stealing and it is wrong.

On the left side of the page, you will find a button saying "This Blog is Free of Illegal eBook Reviews. It looks like this:

By clicking on the button in the sidebar to your left, you will be taken to "Just Say No To Illegal eBook Downloads", a blog that shares information about illegal eBook downloads and their consequences. The URL is http://www.saynotoebookpiracy.blogspot.com.

We here at Wisdom From A Teenage Bookworm swore to never write a review of a book that was obtained by illegal methods, and we hope you will, too. Just Say No To Illegal eBook Downloads also has buttons saying "I Said No To Illegal eBook Downloads" (that you can put on your personal blog/ website), and "Illegal eBook Downloading is STEALING" (that you can also put on your personal blog/ website or anywhere really, to help spread the word about illegal eBook downloads).

We hope you take the pledge, and read on! :D

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