Review Policy

All Reviews Will Include At Least:

-The Title of the Novel
-The Author
-The Cover Art
-A Rating on a Scale of 1-5 Stars

On Review Requests:

Wisdom From A Teenage Bookworm reserves the right to deny any review requests. We will not be accepting review requests for Non-Fiction, or Non-Young Adult novels. Each request will be reviewed. We try to honor any and all Young Adult novel requests, but we are in no way obligated to do so.

For Authors:

If you are a Young Adult Author, we would be happy to receive an ARC of your upcoming novel. Please keep in mind, however, that we reserve the rights to review the novel in the way we see fit, without giving spoilers. We do not guarantee a positive review, and we do not guarantee a negative review. If we do receive an ARC, however, we will put forth all efforts to review it, and to post that review before the official release date.

Our Rating System:

Wisdom From A Teenage Bookworm uses a 5 Star rating scale. That scale is as follows:

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