Friday, July 29, 2011

Black Bird by Sakurakoiji Kanoko

My rating: 5/5

Black Bird isn't a novel, it's a manga. So, if you want to read a novel, go look at one of the other reviews.

Black Bird is about a 16 year old girl named Misao that is followed by spirits. [I think they are. They never truly say what they are.] They bother her, trip her, pull her hair, and make it impossible to be normal. Especially since she's the only one who can see them.The only thing that keeps her sane is knowing at one point, when she was 6, she wasn't the only one to see the things. Another boy did and he kept her safe from them. He promised to take care of her and come back for her so that someday she would be his bride. But she doesn't remember who he was or what he looked like, she just remembers his dark hair and his hand held out to her or on her head.
One day, she comes home from school to find someone in the vacant house next door. At first she thinks it's a girl and thinks that that girl is so beautiful, but then she realizes it's a man XD When the man sees her he says "Misao? Haven't seen you in a while." He reminds her that they use to play together and shoos the spirits before sending her home. She spends the evening and next day puzzling over it. The next day is her birthday and her crush at school invites her to speak with him. The spirits had been acting worse that day, so she really wasn't paying attention until he cuts her with a box cutter and informs her he's going to eat her. When he finds out that she hasn't the slightest clue why he'd want to eat her, he explains that she is the Senka Maiden. Basically, every 100 years a human is born who every demon will want to eat or bed. If they are to drink her blood, they will live longer. If they eat her, they will have eternal youth. But if they marry her [and impregnate her], their clan will have prosperity. So, of course her classmate, who is really a demon, wants to eat her. She screams out the man's name, Kyo, and he is immediately there to rescue her. He beats the demon easily [of course] and heals her wounds. He promises not to eat her, but gropes her and says "But these could be fit to eat." She slaps him and he's surprised and unhappy because, as he reminds her, he came back to marry her. He tells her her options are to marry and sleep with or get eaten and die.
What will she choose? :O
Jk, I've read up to book 8, I know what happens so far. But YOU don't, so you should read on :)
If you can't get a hold of any of the books, you can read it online here:
 However, if physical copies are more of your cup of tea, I know that the Southwest/Columbus Public Libraries have up to books 1-5. [Online has books 1-7, it's just a little harder to tell what book you're on.]

I absolutely love it, and I think anyone else would too. It has romance, humor, twists, turns, and adventures :)

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